EJ Series 4.8 L / H @ 175 PSI

The EJ series offers a range of input pump cost while
offering improved features and control options further.

Specialist supplier of water treatment equipment in metering and volumetric pumps Series EJ
– Control: Start / Stop (ON / OFF) – input pulse 1: 1 – Remote stop The EJ series provided a precise injection of chemicals at a price economic. Universal voltage capability allows 100 – 240 V operation in virtually every country. The EJ series is compact, easy to use. Capacities of 1.3 GPH (LPH 4.8) and a maximum pressure of 175 psi (1.2 MPa).

High execution speed
The EJ series operates at 360 strokes per minute, providing high precision injection of chemicals. Competitor products operate at slower speeds, resulting in less accurate injection doses and accelerated diaphragm wear.

External control
The EJ series offers faith, a digital input (pulse 1: 1) and an external control start / stop integrated in the pump, allowing either a proportional control method or control / Off (On / Off)