Serie LK 431.5 L/H @ 225 PSI

In a separate class – LK is a hydraulic diaphragm pump that can accommodate most electric motors.
Can easily add a variable speed controller.


Dosing and metering pumps LK
– Control: Start / Stop (ON / OFF) – 4-20 mA – pulse input – Stop / Start external

Diaphragm and electromagnetic dosing and volumetric pumps

The electromechanical LK diaphragm dosing pumps feature a dual cam system which makes them very reliable, compact and robust.

Thanks to its extensive experience in this field, IWAKI Co has developed all its know-how to create an ideal dosing pump for the chemical industry, water treatment, paper and food industry.

The prime qualities of this type of pump are performance, ease of use and low maintenance cost.

The flow rate of this volumetric pump is 2%.

The reproducibility is perfect thanks to the linearity of the shots and its accuracy. There is no variation in the flow time.

It is possible to adapt different types of motorization, either mono or sort and add variable speed variator.

This makes this series one of the most versatile at the most competitive prices in the industry.

Choice of engines – We supply engines (Brook Crompton or WEG and Variable Speed Variable WEG or according to your preferences.

  • 120/240 Volts AC
  • 230/460 Volts AC
  • 90/180 VDC
  • 575 Volts AC
  • Explosion proof
  • Drive AC or DC