Series EWN-R 25.3 L / H @ 250 PSI

The EWN-R series offers more classic features. Its pump flexibility allows it to be integrated into virtually any chemical feed application.

Dosing and metering pumps EWN-R series
– Control: Start / Stop (ON / OFF) – 4-20 mA – pulse input – Stop / Start external

Conventional electromagnetic pumps are generally poorly protected against external water jets. Improved sealing of the electronics as well as the body allows the use of metering and volumetric pumps of the EW series in many industrial applications and in the treatment of water.

Metering and volumetric pump EWN-R – Multi-Voltage
Using a multi-voltage power supply allows operation of the pump over the world.

Metering and volumetric pump EWN-R – Protection (IP65)
In order to improve the sealing of the metering pump, the order was positioned at the back, and flush buttons covered with a membrane are connected in series. A seal also ensures the seal between the control and the protective cover of the control.

Metering and volumetric pump EWN-R – fast flash Speed
In order to offer a great possibility of dosing and a fine flow control, the frequency and the length of the membrane switch can be set. The adjustment is carried out over the entire operating range of the metering pump; again, the piecemeal is possible thanks to electronics

Metering and volumetric pump EWN-R – multi-function controller
command has a CPU and a dual level stop function and an external input. The display of the frequency of the pulses is done by means of an LCD screen resistant to the temperature and the solar rays.

Significant compression ratio
compression ratio has been improved by reducing the dead volumes in the chamber and increasing the stroke of the membrane, which facilitates self-priming capability of PDP and improved fluid flow.