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    SP-350 Handheld Fluorometers

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    Pyxis SP-300 series fluorometers measure the concentration of a fluorescent substance in a liquid sample. These fluorometers have a built in sample cell and samples can be directly filled into the sample cell. SP-380, SP-395, and SP-400 are dual channel fluorometers. SP-380 measures PTSA and fluorescein. SP-395 measures halogenated azoles and naphthenic disulfonic acid (NDSA).

    SP-400 measures PTSA (1,3,6,8-pyrenetetras ulfonic acid) and conductivity with patent pending technology to combine cutting edge optical measurement with electrochemical measurement in the same sample cell.

    Simple to operate

    One-handed operation. No vial or cuvette needed. One press to calibrate Pyxis ST-500 inline fluorometer via built-in WiFi.

    Tolerance to interference

    Auto-compensation for sample color and turbidity. Holds accuracy for a long period of time. No need for frequent calibration.

    Durable and affordable

    Fully dustproof and waterproof. Rugged structure to survive in a tough industrial environment. Affordable: start your fluorescent traced program today.


    Common Specifications

    Items Specifications
    Battery 9V alkaline battery
    Typical Battery Life 3,200 readings(480mAh battery)
    Display TFT-LCD, visible in direct sunlight
    Dimensions (L x W x H) 160 x 74 x 33 (mm)
    Weight 295g (without battery)
    Temperature Range 40-106℉(4-41℃)
    Humidity 85% at 106℉(41℃)
    Envionmental IP67, dustproof and waterproof
    Regulation CE

    Intuitive Operation

    Just fill the built-in sample cell with water and press OK. The intuitive graphical display lets you easily conduct calibration when needed.
    The displays below show simple operation flow for PTSA Standalone Calibration (2 Point with Zero):

    PTSA Determination with Immunity to Color and Turbidity

    Insufficient attention has been paid to color and turbidity interference to the measurement accuracy of PTSA fluorescence. Pyxis proprietary technology provides robust measurement and achieves maximum rejection of interference by utilizing a state-of-the-art optical design and advanced compensation algorithm.

    SP-350 PTSA reading compensates for sample turbidity up to 40 NTU and sample color equivalent to 5 ppm total iron. If sample turbidity is too high or the sample color is too intensive, SP-350 displays a warning. When this happens, filter water sample before testing.


    SP-350 Specifications

    P/N Target fluorophore and range Applications
    SP-350 50206 PTSA(0-300 ppb) Cooling tower fluorescence tracing
    SP-380 50208 PTSA(0-300 ppb) Fluorescein(0-1,000.0 ppb) Cooling tower and boiler fluorescence tracing
    SP-395 50209 Halogenated azoles(0-5 ppm),NDSA(0-100 ppb) Cooling tower fluorescence tracing
    SP-400 50201 PTSA(0-300 ppb),Conductivity(0-15000 S/cm) Cooling tower fluorescence tracing
    Functional Capability SP-350 SP-380 SP-395 SP-400 SP-700B SP-910
    PTSA (0-300ppb
    Fluoroscein (0-1000ppb)
    NDSA (0-100ppb)
    HST (0-5ppm)
    pH (0-14)
    ORP (+1500mV)
    Conductivity (0-15,000uS)
    Temperature (0-70oC)
    WiFi / BlueTooth Enabled
    Colorimeter Testing
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    SP-350P Tagged Polymer Handheld

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    The Pyxis SP-350P is a uniquely designed handheld multimeter that measures Fluorescent Polymer. It is a cuvette-less device. Less than 5 mL water sample is needed to fill the sample cell for proper measurement.

    The Pyxis SP-350P analyzer measures the concentration of Fluorescent Polymer of a water sample and includes the following features:

    • Pre-calibrated for measuring Fluorescent Polymer in the range of 0 to 20 ppm. The Fluorescent Polymer measurement is automatically compensated for sample color and turbidity interference.
    • Fluorescent Polymer can be calibrated with three standards (0, 10 and 20 ppm) through a user-friendly, menu-driven procedure.
    • No sample cuvette is required and as such variations associated with the cuvette are eliminated.
    • Large color graphic screen that can be read in direct sunlight.


    Pyxis Lab has a Continuous Improvement Policy, this means that this units specifications are subject to change at any time and without notice. However, it is only for the betterment of the unit! The Fluorescent Polymer concentration scale is based on the polymer containing 0.25 mole % fluorescent monomer.


    Optional Accessories

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