EZ Series 23.8 L / H @ 150 PSI

EZ series
solenoid metering pumps – Control: Start / Stop (ON / OFF)

Electromagnetic Dosing Pumps – EZ Series

This economical version allows precise dosing at the lowest cost. Manual operation or simple on-off remote control for conventional liquid injections.

EZ pumps benefit from the major advantages of the range and bring precision and reliability.

Solenoid metering pump EZ – High frequency of injection
With its injection rate reaches 360 beats per minute dosage is more regular.

Solenoid metering pump EZ – High accuracy
The accuracy of the flow rate is roughly 2%. Linearity is held within a range of plus or minus 3%. The frequency of injection is maintained at plus or minus 1%.

Solenoid metering pump EZ – Compact
Ideal for integrators, pumps EZ series are small in size, lightweight and silent.

Solenoid metering pump EZ – Double ball valve
The ball sets, seat and guide provide a complete seal and ensure the precision and good performance boot.

Electromagnetic metering pump EZ – Long Membrane
The membrane, PTFE on EPDM is molded on a steel core. A membrane reinforcement minimizes flow variations if pressure changes.