High Viscosity Series 15.0 L / H @ 73 PSI

The EH-HV series is specifically designed to handle high viscosity chemicals up to 20,000 cps. Equipped with springs and stainless steel balls.

Specialist supplier of water treatment equipment in
metering and volumetric pumps Series HV (High Viscosity)
– Controls: Start / Stop (ON / OFF) – 4-20 mA – pulse input – Stop / Start external
EH VH-series Designed specifically to inject precisely high viscosity chemicals.

Equipped with sturdy materials, PVC heads and stainless steel springs for check valves, the HV series is designed to give an action to these valves, a precise and durable performance.

Designed to pump with high precision products at 20,000 cps (unit of viscosity).

The HV series is available in two models:
EWN-R-HV: 8.69 l / h to 73 PSI
EHE-HV: 15.12 l / h to 50 PSI

Its exclusive two-year warranty on the entire pump, the EH-HV series is the perfect solution for your high viscosity applications.