Disinfection Controllers

Disinfection Controllers

Walchem Disinfection controllers will reliably and economically control your water treatment disinfection process.

Designed to be flexible and versatile, the disinfection controller is the ideal solution for disinfection applications in cooling towers, food and beverage, drinking water, wastewater and swimming pools.

Control outputs can be set as high or low set points via keypad. Auxiliary outputs can be set as:
High alarm
Low alarm
In-range output
Probe wash
Out of range alarm

Probe wash feature for applications that require frequent electrode cleaning

Programmable access code secures set point parameters and prevents unauthorized use

Display any set point without interrupting control or entering an access code. Top level view:
Analog graph relative to set point
Disinfection sensor values
Status of alarms, outputs

Software and electronics are constantly monitored without having to take the controller off-line

USB Flashstick Support standard for data logs, event/relay and reset logs, and user configuration file import/export

Ethernet option for remote access via the Internet or LAN

Standard Disinfection Sensors:

  • Free Chlorine/Bromine
  • Chlorine Dioxide
  • Peracetic Acid
  • Ozone
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