Boiler Controllers

Boiler Water Controllers and Condensate Monitors

Walchem’s Boiler Controllers and Condensate Monitors have all the standard features you’d expect in conventional boiler controllers plus simple-to-use information management tools that enable water treatment professionals to deliver more effective service to their customers.

Choice of measurement units (uS or PPM) (°F or °C)

4 chemical feed options
Feed & Blowdown simultaneously
Feed after blowdown or as % of blowdown time
Feed as % of time elapsed
Feed as % of make-up water

Choice of blowdown modes for timed samples

Detects flashing during timed samples

Automatic temperature compensation

Software, electronics, and sensor are constantly monitored without having to take controller offline.

USB flashstick support for datalogs/event logs and user-configuration file import/export.

Ethernet option for remote access via the Internet or LAN