G & L centrifugal pumps

NPE / NPE-F 316L / Stainless Steel Pump

Capacity: 75 GPM (283L / min) at 1750 RPM
150 GPM (550L / min) at 3500 RPM
Operating pressure: 125 PSIG (9 bars)
Total discharge head: 39 feet (11 m) at 1750 RPM
150 feet (50 m) at 3500 RPM
Maximum Temperature: 212 ° F (100 ° C) with standard seal or
250 ° F (121 ° C) with optional seal.

SSH-S and M-Group and SSH-F, C submittals

Capacity: 1100 GPM (250 m3 / hr) at 3500 RPM 775 GPM (177 m3 / hr) at 1750 RPM
Operating pressure: 230 PSI (15 bar)
Total discharge head: 130 feet THD (40 m) at 1750 RPM 525 feet THD (158 m) at 3500 RPM
Maximum temperature: 250 ° F (121 ° C)

E-SV Series – Multi-Stage Vertical Stainless Steel Pump

Energy saving, environmentally friendly, efficient: The new e-SV design ensures easy maintenance and maintenance. The mechanical seal can be replaced without removing the motor from the pump!
Areas of application:
Residential and Corporate, Agriculture, Light Industry, Water Treatment, Heating and Air Conditioning.
Water circulation without solid particles in suspension, for applications in the residential and collective building, industry and agriculture.
Installation of overpressure and water supply.
Irrigation systems
Washing plant
Water Treatment Plant
Pumping of moderately aggressive liquids, demineralised water, brine, etc.
Hot and cold water circulation for heating, cooling and air conditioning systems.
Boiler supply
Applications for the pharmaceutical and food industry

3656/3756 S-Group Cast Iron & Bronze Pumps

Capacity: 550 GPM (125 m3 / hr) at 3500 RPM 350 GPM (79 m3 / hr) at 1750 RPM
Operating pressure: 175 PSIG (12 bar)
Total discharge head: 280 feet TDH (85 m) at 3500 RPM 67 feet TDH (20 m) at 1750 RPM
Suction pressure to: 100 PSIG (7 bars)
Highest temperature: 212 ° F (100 ° C) with standard seal or 250 ° F (121 ° C) with optional seal.

3656/3756 S-Group Cast Iron & Bronze Pumps

Capacity: Flow rate: up to 127 GPM
Operating pressure: Compact pump: designs to 145 PSI Sleeve pump: designs to 230 PSI
Total discharge head: Heads: up to 525 feet
Maximum temperature: -20ºF to 248ºF (-30ºC to 120ºC)

AquaForce ™ Variable Speed Pumping Station

Special features and characteristics
All ULC listed systems.
NSF61 approval for drinking water.
The dimensions of most versions allow their passage in the ordinary doorways.
200 to 230 V single-phase, 200 to 230 V three-phase, 460 V.
All systems made with stainless steel or cast iron Goulds – Water Technology centrifugal pumps with a choice of electrical and mechanical devices.
Baldor or USEM standard consumer motors.
Consumption of energy reduced by many compared to systems at constant speed.
Protection against: overvoltage, undervoltage, clogged suction pipe, cavitation, net suction height available, phase loss, short circuit, sensor failure and motor overload.
Maximum temperature of 212 ° F for liquid.
Maximum ambient temperature of 104 ° F.
Maximum working pressure of 360 lbf / in².
Protection against the maximum flow of the pump.
Protection against dry running.
Alternating main-secondary pumps programmable.
Compensation for friction loss and programmable system performance curve.
Programmable system start-up pressure.
Detection of anomalies and warning relays.
Motor relay on.
Soft start programmable.
Stainless steel piping (or standard steel, optional).
Isolation valves.
Suction pressure or low pressure switch, optional.
Optional relief valves and thermal safety valves.
Optional protection against lightning.
Flexible discharge hose optional.

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